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Don’t let the small feet problems ruin your run

You might already have everything necessary to be a great runner. You might have the stamina and the lung power, you might have the will to run through thick and thin, you might have the discipline to run every day. However, you might as well have some feet problems. Nott too big to be a disability, but bad enough to be bugging you constantly.

Well, I have some good news for you! Do you know that most of these common foot issues can be solved quite simply? Yeah, all you need is the correct footwear, and you can almost forget the bugging problem.

First thing first – which are those common feet problems? Without being exhaustive, here’s the list: overpronation (rolling the foot inwards), supination (rolling the foot outwards), narrow feet, wide feet, low arches, high arches, bunions, bunionettes (tailor’s bunion), shin splints, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes.

So, no matter what your exact foot problem is, it really helps to get the correct shoes so you can ease your conditions. Let me remind you that the number one reason for foot problems is bad fitting shoes. Number two is worn out shoes. So, pay attention to your footwear.

Make sure you try on your shoes in the evening, when your feet are at their biggest. If you try the new shoes in the morning, you are in a risk of terrible foot pain by the end of the day. You feet just tend to expand a bit during the day, and might need just a little bit of more space.

Most importantly, don’t focus on your foot problem during your run. Running with a good buddy or good music always helps to draw the attention away from the problem. Sometimes that is all that is required to turn the running into an awesome experience, instead of journey to the Misery Land.

Let me give you a personal example – I have bunions. Big and ugly bunions. They run into the front part of my shoes and cause me a lot of suffering. I had to get shoes half a size or even a size bigger, just so they can accommodate my bunion feet. Of course wearing shoes that do not fit properly is not comfortable but is much better than suffering from the rubbing. This continued for years until I found that there are many stylish running sneakers for bunions.

This simple discovery, my friends changed my life forever. No longer I have to suffer silently. No longer, I had to purchase the plain men’s running shoes. I had a choice. I felt free.

Remember: Most common foot problems can be easily avoided and simply treated. (see what the experts say)

So, if you suffer from any of the conditions I mentioned above, immediately try getting shoes made specifically for your condition. I am quite certain you will feel the difference immediately.

Get inspired: 5 professional athletes who overcame their disabilities

  1. Surfer – Bethany Hamilton

Born and raised in Hawaii, in a family of surfers, she was born to be part of the water. She enjoyed surfing from an early age and even started to compete professionally. However, at the young age of 13, a shark attacked her and she lost an arm.

Understandably, many others would never ever even get close to the water after such a horrible accident. Not Bethany. She proved to have unbeatable spirit and true determination to continue surfing. Less than a month after the attack, she was back on her board. More determined than ever, aged just 15, she won the NSSA National Championships.

But even that was not enough. She continued surfing and become the face of many sports magazines. She wanted to inspire others and shared her story in the inspirational movie Soul Surfers.

  1. Triathlete – Jason Lester

Would you ever dream to compete in an Ironman that after a horrific car accident? That was exactly what Jason did. The car accident when he was just 12 left him with a multitude of injuries, among which, a paralyzed arm. That didn’t stopped him. He competed in Ironman and Ultraman competitions without being able to use his arm fully. He can swim faster, ride better and run mind-blowing distances regardless of his disability. He was crowned “the best male athlete with disability’ in 2009 becoming the first one to receive this award.

  1. Wrestler – Anthony Robles

Unlike the two athletes above, he was born with his condition. Missing a leg since birth, he proved that he had the attitude he needed to succeed. He became high school and college wrestling champion. The young athlete had to overcome many obstacles on his way to the NCAA championship title, but he remains an inspiration to this day!

  1. Triathlete and Marathon Runner – Jim MacLaren

Zero chances for survival, said the doctors in the hospital. He was hit by a bus while on his motorcycle. Against all odds, he survived, albeit one of his legs had to be cut below the knee. After the accident he assessed his life and decided that his past accomplishments in university sports brought him great joy, he decided to compete again. He took up swimming and running and even competed in NY Marathon and Triathlon. A true inspiration, he later took up inspiration speaking to motivate others to live their life to the fullest.

  1. Paralympic Games Champion – Melissa Stockwell

A roadside bomb exploded while Melissa was part of a convoy during her service in the US Army. Her leg had to be amputated above the knee. The recovery was difficult, but she started swimming to speed up the process. 4 years down the road, she took part in a Paralympic Games and become the record holder in 100 meter butterfly and the 100 meter freestyle competitions. A true impiration, she was even featured on Hartford U.S. Paralympics Partnership ad campaign