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There are several local resources available in Onslow County for families with intellectual disabilities or other special needs.

NOTE: This list is provided as a courtesy to families of  Onslow County. However, appearance on this list does not in any way imply that Onslow County endorses, supports, or is in any way affiliated with any of these organizations.

Please do your own research and ensure that a resource is right for you and your family.

Also, please see the links on the right side of our website for more resources on a state and national level.

If you know of a resource that should be included on this list, or of updated information for a resource listed, please Contact Us. Please include the name of the organization, what their purpose is (how they help families with special needs), and any contact information you may have (including phone number, website, address, and a person we can speak with or point of contact).

Local Resources

  • Family Support Network of the Crystal Coast – Regional parent support information and resource. Contact: Teresa LeRiche @252-675-2751 or 910-347-9754.
  • Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities – A volunteer advocacy group working to improve quality of life for individuals with special needs in Jacksonville and surrounding Onslow County. Contact Carmen Miracle @ 910-938-5224
  • Onslow County Health Department – Offers many services designed to protect and promote the health and well-being of children and families in our community. Contact: 910-347-2154.
  • Onslow County Partnership for Children – Offers many services for parents of younger children including training, education, toy loan library, resource and referral services.
  • Onslow County Schools – Information about evaluation and educational services for children with special needs (preschool and K-12). Contact number 910-455-2211.
  • PARENTSS (Positive Action for Recreational & Educational Needs of Today’s Special Students). – Provides modified bowling, softball, and T-ball leagues, support meetings, and holiday parties. Call John or Rena Schobel at 757-714-4077 or Sharon Wojcuich at 910-324-4031.
  • PEERS (Parent Education, Empathy, Rapport and Support) Family Development Center – Community supported program aimed at promoting the growth and development of families. PEERS offers: Parenting Curriculums, Adolescent Parenting Program, Parents as Teachers Support Program and Free Drop-In Child Care (reservations required). Contact number: 910-938-5447.
  • Special Education 4 Eastern North Carolina (SEAL4ENC) – is being developed as a non-profit organization to empower parents and professionals to excel to their highest abilities through education and training while seeking the strongest outcome possible for all students especially students with disabilities. We support system change that will enrich the lives and the quality of life for children and young adults with disabilities. Contact Wendy E. Boyd or
  • Down syndrome Network of Onslow and Carteret Counties – “Enhancing the lives of individuals with Down syndrome in our community by connecting families and by providing education, support, advocacy, and social opportunities. Jennifer Wiser at

Local Military Resources

  • Educational & Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) – provides early intervention (age birth to three) services for children with developmental delays, medical conditions or genetic conditions who live on Base. Contact: 910-450-4127
  • Exceptional Family Member Program – EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program for all active duty personnel with family members with special needs. The goal of EFMP is to assist military families in managing the dual demands of a Marine Corps career and the special needs of a family member.
  • Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP) – Info for military families with special needs. Visit the website or call 1-800-5 PARENT (1-800-572-7368).
  • Military Committee for Persons with Disabilities – A volunteer group which seeks to improve facilities and services for persons with disabilities at Camp Lejeune. Meets the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00pm at Marine Corps Family Team Building, Building 84, Holcomb Blvd, Camp Lejeune. Contact: David Reintjes @ 910-938-2977.

NC Resources

  • Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center – Statewide resources for special needs info and educational rights. Call 1-800-962-6817.
  • Family Support Network of NC – Comprehensive services to support families of children with special needs. Call 1-800-852-0042.
  • Disability Rights in North Carolina – DRNC is part of a national system of federally mandated independent disability agencies designed to help people across North Carolina gain access to services and opportunity through its advocacy and legal expertise. They regularly challenge systems and society to create positive change and improve the lives of people with disabilities. Website or contact agency at 888-268-5535 TTY, 877-235-4210, 919-856-2195

National Resources and Equipment Recommendations

Special Olympics

Don’t let the small feet problems ruin your run

You might already have everything necessary to be a great runner. You might have the stamina and the lung power, you might have the will to run through thick and thin, you might have the discipline to run every day. However, you might as well have some feet problems. Nott too big to be a disability, but bad enough to be bugging you constantly.

Well, I have some good news for you! Do you know that most of these common foot issues can be solved quite simply? Yeah, all you need is the correct footwear, and you can almost forget the bugging problem.

First thing first – which are those common feet problems? Without being exhaustive, here’s the list: overpronation (rolling the foot inwards), supination (rolling the foot outwards), narrow feet, wide feet, low arches, high arches, bunions, bunionettes (tailor’s bunion), shin splints, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes.

So, no matter what your exact foot problem is, it really helps to get the correct shoes so you can ease your conditions. Let me remind you that the number one reason for foot problems is bad fitting shoes. Number two is worn out shoes. So, pay attention to your footwear.

Make sure you try on your shoes in the evening, when your feet are at their biggest. If you try the new shoes in the morning, you are in a risk of terrible foot pain by the end of the day. You feet just tend to expand a bit during the day, and might need just a little bit of more space.

Most importantly, don’t focus on your foot problem during your run. Running with a good buddy or good music always helps to draw the attention away from the problem. Sometimes that is all that is required to turn the running into an awesome experience, instead of journey to the Misery Land.

Let me give you a personal example – I have bunions. Big and ugly bunions. They run into the front part of my shoes and cause me a lot of suffering. I had to get shoes half a size or even a size bigger, just so they can accommodate my bunion feet. Of course wearing shoes that do not fit properly is not comfortable but is much better than suffering from the rubbing. This continued for years until I found that there are many stylish running sneakers for bunions.

This simple discovery, my friends changed my life forever. No longer I have to suffer silently. No longer, I had to purchase the plain men’s running shoes. I had a choice. I felt free.

Remember: Most common foot problems can be easily avoided and simply treated. (see what the experts say)

So, if you suffer from any of the conditions I mentioned above, immediately try getting shoes made specifically for your condition. I am quite certain you will feel the difference immediately.